Is it okay for My sweetheart are by yourself with man Friends?

Reader matter:

Is it OK for my personal girl become alone with a guy friend doing numerous tasks?

She has a guy buddy she hikes alone with and another male buddy she goes operating with. This lady has informed me often this lady has no fascination with him romantically, but I’m sure she finds him physically attractive.

I additionally heard through certainly one of this lady friends the man she goes hiking with has actually a crush on the.

Can I inform her to stop spending only time using them, or have always been I being vulnerable?

-Mark (Arizona)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

You should never inform your girl exactly what she will be able to or can not carry out. You are going to establish upwards for even more problems inside union.

Nor in the event you just have to eat it and feel terrible. What you’re feeling is real and needs getting handled through interaction.

Talk to your gf by what you’re feeling and just why, but do so in a positive method, inquiring the woman insight for you to start fixing the situation.

In proper connection, she’ll admire that she has some control over how you feel and can want to assist suppress that for you personally.

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